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Second Annual Porcupine Mountains Music Festival

Hey folks, I am looking forward to attending Hiawatha this year. I thought you might be interested in another festival in the UP, The Porcupine Mountains Music Festival.

We are pleased to be featuring Rory Block (four time WC Handy Award Winner), Willy Porter, and Melissa Ferrick!

Weekend passes are on sale for 25% off until March 20th. Get them now at our website or by calling 800-344-5355!

We have also booked: The Ember Swift Trio, Hammel on Trial, Rachael Davis, Conga Se Menne, Buster's Dream, and Rory and the Roach Band. We still have MANY slots left to book so look forward to even more great bands being in the Porkies for the festival!

I don't know about you but I'm REALLY looking forward to spending a blue sky summer day listening and dancing to great music and watching the sunset over Lake Superior.

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